What is Nanotechnology?

Welcome again as you can see from the title this blog is about What is Nanotechnology. So, many of you must have heard of Nanotechnolgy but What is Nanotechnology?  Nanotechnology is the science and engineering conducted on Nano scale. That is about 1 to 100 Nanometer. Nanotechnology is also known as Nanoscience. Nanotechnology is the study of extreamly small objects. Nanotechnology can be used in any field of science such as:-

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • And engineering

So by this definition you must have gotten an idea that what is Nanotechnology and in which field it is used. Now lets have a look on:-


How Nanotechnology Started?

The idea of Nanotechnology was proposed by the physicist Richard Feynman at an American physical Society meeting at he California Institute of technology Richard started a talk entiteled “there is plenty room at the bottom” on December 29, 1959. Richard Feynman describe the process in which every scientist can control every atom and molecules.Richard Feynman is also known as father of Nanotechology. So, now you know What is Nanotechnology and How it started.


Concept of Nanotechnology and Nanoscience

  • There is 25,40,000 Nanometers in an inch
  • A sheet of paper is about 100,000 Nanometers thick
  • On a comparative scale, if a marble were a Nanometer, the one meter would be the size of Earth

Nanotechnology covers both work and concepts that are more advance . one Nanometer is one billionth. There is another important element:-


Carbon Nanotube:-

Carbon Nanotubes or CNTs are the allotropes of Carbon. CNTs are vulnerable for Nanotechnology, Electronics, Optics and in some othr fields of material science and technology. Carbon Nanotube material have exceptional strength and stiffness. These Nanotube are constructed Ratio which can go upto 132000000:1. Which is larger then any other material.


Many Products are made with the help of Nanotechnology some of these products are:-


  • Skin care products (these products use Nanotechnology to deliver Vitamins in the body)
  • Sunscreens (Nanotechnolgy is used in this to block UV rays coming direct from the sun)
  • Lithium ion Batteries (It uses Nanotechnology as nanoparticle based electrodes)
  • Fishing Rods (Nanotechnology is used in Fishing rods as Silica Nanoparticles)

And in many more things.


There are basically 4 types of Nanotechnology, which are:-


  1. Carbon Based Material
  2. Metal Based Material
  3. Dendrimers
  4. Composites

These 4 types of Nanotechnology are Defined as-

  • Carbon Based Material- These Nanomterials are basically made up of carbon Most commonly it takes the form of Hollow spheres, ellipsoids, or Tubes. As mentioned above these are also known as Nanotubes.
  • Metal based material- These Nanomaterials are Quantum Dots, Nanogold, Nanosilver and Metal Oxides.
  • Dendrimers-These Nanomaterials are build from Branched Units. They are Nanosized Polymers. Its surface has numerous chain ends which can perform special chemical functions. This is a useful property for catalysis. Three- Dimentional Dendrimers contain interior cavities in which molecules can be placed. They are useful for Drug Delivery.
  • Composites- Composites combine other Nanomaterial with each other or with a larger Nanomaterial.



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