What is Off-Page SEO?

What is Off-Page SEO?

So What is Off-Page SEO?, You will get your answers to the question What is Off-Page SEO?.  SO, What is Off-Page SEO? Off-Page SEO is to promote one’s website on the public post, Articles, on someone’s website, Social Media etc. To do the Off-Page SEO you have to make sure that your website match the guidelines provided by Google and have a healthy On-Page SEO ( Read my other Blog on On-Page SEO for more information), if you have both then you can make your website easily rank on Google SERP( Search Engine Result Page) So, by this you may have got an idea of What is Off-Page SEO? Now, let us take a look on What is Off-Page Seo? Activities and how and why we use them, Here are some:-

    • Directory Submission- We submit Directories on Directory Submission Websites to make a Backlink, this is one of the Best methods to get Traffic but free links take time for review and paid links to take less time.
    • SBM(Social Book Marking)- We create our links on social media websites to generate traffic, as we know social media is used by everyone so this is the one of most healthy Off-Page SEO activity. For Example- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.
    • Classified Ads- we can make classified ads for our products to promote and give our website link in that Ad so we can generate traffic. For Example:- OLX, Quicker etc and on some classified ad submission websites.
  • Blog Posting- We submit a Blog with the link of our Website to generate traffic, we submit the blog on Blog Posting Website For Example:- Google Blogger etc.
  • Article Submission- It is same as Blog Posting Instead we post Article on Article Posting Websites.
  • Blog Commenting- We read and review other’s blog on their website and leave a link of our website this creates a backlink and we can get traffic by doing this.
  • PDF-Submission- We can submit a PDF of PDF submitting websites to create a backlink.
  • Image Submission- We can submit an Image on Image submission Websites to create a Backlink.
  • Infographics Submission- We can create a Backlink by submitting Infographics and can generate traffic from there.
  • Forum Posting- We can submit forum’s and give a link an create a backlink from there and generate traffic.
  • Profile Creation- We can create profiles and make a backlink by submitting our website from their also we can generate traffic.

And there are many more methods also, So as On-Page SEO is important Off-Page SEO is also Important. Because of Off-Page SEO we get traffic on our website and because of On-Page SEO, we become eligible to do Off-Page SEO. So, by now you know that What is Off-Page SEO? And how we do Off-Page SEO.

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