What is On-Page SEO?

What is On-Page SEO?

As the titles say What is On-Page SEO? this blog is all about On Page SEO Activity and Off Page SEO Activity. On Page and Off Page Activity is the most important part of building a successful Website. You will get every answer to your question about What is On-Page SEO?

So What is On-Page SEO?
On-Page SEO:-
On Page SEO is something we do to Enhance the web pages of our Website. We use On-Page SEO to correct all the errors which are not an SEO friendly Activity. We do the various actions to make our webpage SEO friendly, Some of them are:-
• We start our On-Page SEO with Pre-SEO analysis, in the Pre-SEO analysis we find errors on our website. We find each and every error and resolve it so that our website can become SEO friendly.
• Keyword Research- we need to use relevant Keywords on our webpage so that it can rank easily. Keyword research is very important as we use Keywords for users so they can find our blog or product.
• Competitor analysis- We analyze the website of our competitors so that we can ake strategy more powerful than them and can defend ourselves from making mistakes they are making.
• Meta-Tag Implementation- We need to tag every blog, picture, and products so if the internet is slow of the user it can read the tag an understand what that picture is all about.
• Error Resolutions-In this we check our webpages and analyze them for any errors so we can solve them before any user reaches that page and our website shows them to error.
• Website Architecture Planning- We should plan how do we want things so before taking any step we should plan everything and then take the next step.
• Domain Age- we should always keep our domain up-to-date, it us a part of On-Page SEO because it is one of a building block of our website. Without a valid domain, we can’t publish a website.
• Flash Based- Flash Based is a plugin we use on our website it is important in the SEO of our website.
• Frame-Based- It Is also a very important Plugin we use on our Website, it is also nessacary for a Healthy SEO.
• Duplicate content- Duplicasy is an important term as we should not copy any others content you would get a copyright content issue or worse. Our content should be 90% unique according to the guidelines given by Google or it will get issues.\
• URL Structure- Our URL is the main thing for building a website. Google crawlers come to our website to review it if we put a Map so they can crawl easily on our website and can review our website easily and we can get indexed easily.

So, by this you may have get an idea of What is On-Page SEO?
These are some factors we need to keep in mind which is very important for healthy SEO activity. If we do this properly and follow every Guideline given by googling our website can become successful and can get easy traffic. There are Few more factors we should follow and they are also really important and they are Length of Meta Title which should not exceed more than 72 Character and Description which should not exceed more the 320 characters. In my next Blog, I will tell you guys about Off-Page Activities we use in SEO.

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